Why Do Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks ?

Your business security is our business.
At Background Checks, Inc. our vision and strategy are manifested through our passion for protecting our clients’ interests, our tenacious investigation and analysis, and our dedication to personal customer service. We make a real difference in our clients’ business and success. You have worked hard to build your company and its capital resources. We help you protect your company, your property, and your personnel.

You have a right to know who is working for you.
Investigating the criminal history of your employees is your liability and property insurance before the fact. You can have the power of controlling losses before they happen. Protect your investment by preventing losses.

Pre-employment screening does matter, and it works.
Is your staff in close quarters, on ships or boats for weeks at a time, working with sensitive protected information, in people’s homes, working with children? Pre-employment screening with Background Checks, Inc. is a proven, effective service that assists employers by reducing workplace violence, employee theft, drug abuse, and liability and dependability issues. Screening is a valuable tool that helps protect employees and provides a safer workplace. Screening also improves productivity levels and decreases employee turnover. Additionally, it helps avoid negligent hiring and retention litigation.



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