PRE-Employment Criminal Background Checks

You have a right to know who is working for you. At Background Checks, Inc. we specialize in thorough and expedient pre-employment and employee background checks. Investigating the criminal history of your employees is your liability and property insurance before the fact. You can have the power of controlling losses before they happen. Protect your investment by preventing losses.
Background Checks, Inc. is committed to your business security. Your workplace and your company’s investments can be protected with today’s technology by extending your knowledge about your staff, and the world they are working in, as far as it needs to go. We access databases and records search services that can confirm the criminal history of your potential employees, even if that history is multinational. Searches can be custom tailored and priced to the individual needs of our clients. o

Overall, among our clients we have screened nearly 100,000 job applicants, and verified over 5,000 felony convictions since 1998.

Our Normal response time is 1-3 business days.

Pre-employment screening does matter, and it works.

Is your staff in close quarters, on ships or boats for weeks at a time, working with sensitive protected information, in people’s homes, working with children? Employment screening with Background Checks, Inc. is a proven, effective service that assists employers by reducing workplace violence, employee theft, drug abuse, and liability and dependability issues. Screening is a valuable tool that helps protect employees and provides a safer workplace. Screening also improves productivity levels and decreases employee turnover. Additionally, it helps avoid negligent hiring and retention litigation.

Knowledge of civil and criminal record is of interest to employers and credit organizations. Our service will help protect and inform you, and can assist you in effective employment and/or investment plans.

In order to ensure that you know exactly what history is attached to you, and due to the dramatic increase in the number of identity thefts and use of false identification across many industries, our business specializes in a meticulous screening procedure and thorough report.

Vendor Verification and VIP Corporate Reports

Background Checks, Inc. can serve your business or corporation when you need to know all there is to know about another vendor or company.

Corporations are truly defined by the people who own and manage them. The future path of a company can often be perceived by studying past corporate decisions, including their strengths and weaknesses. Discretely examining the priorities and histories of executive officers of a corporation can also identify a great deal.

Background Checks, Inc. will provide the basic Dun and Bradstreet report, but we have the staff and expertise to go far beyond the basics. We can research the corporate history and also the attributes of the leading executives of your business partners or rivals. Through skilled and wide-ranging research techniques we can establish the tone and tenor of a corporation. In a secure and confidential investigation and report we can assist you in gleaning a well-rounded understanding of a company.

In-depth vendor and VIP verification and research into the economics and politics and history of a corporation, and its officers, are available to our clients. Price is determined upon request.

International Port Safety and Security

Background Checks, Inc. has on-line access to an international marine intelligence service via Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay. This “Sea-Sentinel” service can make every port-of-call easier to approach. With a phone call, email, or fax to our offices, your company can check the political and insurgent security throughout the globe. Sea-Sentinel maintains daily alerts, watch-dogging for piracy, violent incidents and high risk conditions.

Under the best circumstances your company’s proactive security measures will be successful in protecting your vessels, your crew and staff. Foreknowledge of port and national conditions is vital. However even with the most thorough precautions the unexpected can happen. To prevent unseen difficulties Background Checks, Inc. can assist your through:

  • Daily security briefings and geo-political information available by request
  • Consulting threat assessment and security analysis
  • Security plan and procedure design
  • Port security recommendations
  • On-site security consultation and recommendations
  • Security hardware analysis (fencing, cameras, lights, vessel access, etc.)

If an adverse incident does occur, we can also assist you further through:

  • Standardized incident reporting
  • Incident analysis
  • Security advisement


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