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"June 29, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Background Checks Inc. (BCI)

My name is Larry Montague and I am currently Director of Corporate Security for Costco Wholesale. I have been employed by Costco Wholesale for fourteen (14) years and was previously a Special Agent with the F.B.I. for twenty-six (26) years.

I have utilized Background Checks Inc. (BCI) for various sensitive inquiries for approximately ten (10) years. The requests have ranged from arrest and conviction data to complicated requests that required extensive searches of public records of individuals and/or companies.

I have always found BCI, which is operated by Skip Lisenby, to be prompt, thorough and discreet. I have never had any reason to doubt or second-guess information provided by BCI.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (425) 313-6378.

Very truly yours,

Larry G. Montague
Director of Security


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Peter Pan Seafoods:


To Whom it May Concern:

We started working with Background Checks, Inc in 2001 to help us screen the applicants for our production crew.

Since that time we have submitted over 1600 background check authorizations.

We have always found Skip Lisenby and his staff to be very thorough in conducting the background checks and very helpful if and when any problems arise.

Using their service has helped us to raise the quality level of the production crew that we hire, which in turn has helped us reduce our turnover rate.


Jeff Kelton

Peter Pan Seafoods,Inc"  



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