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Background Checks, Inc. clients feel that they have their own private screening company working for them. We establish close professional relationships with our clients. We value and maintain a high level of communication with our client’s HR staff. We are real people who really care about the work we do.

At Background Checks, Inc. we expertly process background checks thoroughly and efficiently. A skilled and trained screener reviews and analyzes every submission for a positive identification match. We personally confirm any questionable or felony criminal history data, including contacting individual probation and parole officers nationally and in US protectorates, and county courts.

There is no such thing as an instant national criminal check. Systems and services promising an instant check are omitting vital information and multiple state and counties in their information. The only way to accurately check for an individual’s criminal history in many states is through the use of a court records research runner, and personal contact. We use professional staffing who take pride in their exceptional thoroughness and accuracy.

This vital research does not have to end at the US border if a subject’s history is multinational. Searches can be custom tailored and priced to the individual needs of our clients.

Background Checks, Inc. owner-president is Warren “Skip” Lisenby. Skip is a Vietnam veteran who served 1966-1969. His tour included time in the infantry and as an intelligence analyst NCO. He also served as an Army reserve officer with the 12th Special Forces Group, Tacoma, WA. He is a twenty-five year veteran of the Seattle Police Department, including 14 years as SWAT team-leader, with his last 7 years serving as a crime analysis officer working in the Criminal Information Section. Skip has a BA in Police Science from Seattle University and is a member in good standing of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, Inc. (Member # 02944) He is a speaker and educator.

Our staff is law-enforcement and military intelligence based. They have supervised the screening of nearly 100,000 job applicants, and verified over 5,000 felony convictions since 1998.



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